Livin’ la vida local

Utrecht is a perfect city trip destination. It is quite small, but has great city qualities; architecture, museums, shops, and more. It can in no way be compared to the other four larger cities of the Netherlands, and therefore attracts more and more tourists. SPOT would like to help visitors to experience the city like the locals do. Because the city is not that big, people often stay a short period of time, and with customised advice, you are sure to make the best of your time in Utrecht. And for new citizens of Utrecht the advice can form a perfect base of getting to know you new home.

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Each month we shine a SPOTlight on a product or company from Utrecht!
This means that the product will receive more attention during one month.


In September we shine our SPOTlight on Hofdame; a special brew from Hofman Café. To make this Belgian golden ale they collaborated with local brewery Het Licht.

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Utrecht has a large creative community and SPOT is located in Kapitaal, a creative workshop. Together with several designers SPOT will create unique (themed) maps of the city, and beautiful souvenirs, such as postcards and posters.

Next to designers, there are a lot of makers in Utrecht. From artisanal beers to key rings made out of chopped trees from the city; the variety is endless. SPOT wants to promote and support these makers, and collaborates with online platform Made in 030. On their website you can find a selection of makers, as well as a webshop. All products that are sold online can be found at SPOT too. Make sure to stop by for a look and feel!