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pic-festivalSPOT is the place where travellers and (new) Utrechters can go for customised advice for an ultimate experience of the city, and is the ideal starting point for your city trip to Utrecht, whether you go one or multiple days, or even when you are a born and raised Utrechter.

Utrecht is a perfect city trip destination. It is quite small, but has great city qualities; architecture, museums, shops, and more. It can in no way be compared to the other four larger cities of the Netherlands, and therefore attracts more and more tourists. SPOT would like to help visitors to experience the city like the locals do. Because the city is not that big, people often stay a short period of time, and with customised advice, you are sure to make the best of your time in Utrecht. And for new citizens of Utrecht the advice can form a perfect base of getting to know you new home.

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pic-canal-chillGet personalized city advice

Drop by our office to get custom advice on where to go during your stay in Utrecht. There are loads of different things to do, such as visiting an interactive museums and various events, and places to visit. Utrecht has a lot of bars, shops, and coffee places. We can tell you in what direction to start walking and what spots to visit based on your interests, so you will have the best possible time in our lovely city! Or just come by to pick up a map! At SPOT you can also find some local, artisanal products.



Meet Lieke & Lisa

Lieke and Lisa met during their work at a coffee place. They have organised events together and decided to start SPOT to help people during their stay in the city.



Lieke does production work for Café Theater Festival and had a pop-up café at a music venue in Amersfoort. She loves to organise cultural events, and loves it even more to do the best she can to help others!



Lisa founded ‘I Know This Great Little Place in Utrecht’, was editor in chief for Use-IT Utrecht, and works with Utrecht Made. She loves to promote the more alternative places of the city, and loves it even more if she can help you find those places!

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